Why You Should Opt For The Best Golf Shoes

Why You Should Opt For The Best Golf Shoes

One of the greatest advantages of the right pair of shoes is that they feature wide-track soles made from high-quality rubber, which prevents players from slipping on slight wet or damp grass while making huge swings with precision-based foot movement. Quality shoes for golf incorporate lightweight and highly durable rubber.

Golf shoes being used.

Another reason why it is important for you to select the best pair of shoes is, of course, comfortability. Topnotch shoes designed with extra soft paddings, which supports the middle portion of your foot when you're taking swings.

Moreover, this additional bit of padding also helps keep the foot balanced, absorbing the entire blow from the swing, which is also important because all golf players finish their golf stroke or swing right at the end of the balls of the feet.

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The Best Golf Shoes Available – Our Top 4 Recommendations

We have compared 4 top golfing shoes available right now.

Puma Men's Titantour Golf Shoe

Puma has become one of the leading brands for golf shoes. They have proven their commitment to quality, comfortability, and durability by manufacturing their crowning achievement – the Titantour series. With high-class perforations carved right at the upper portion of the shoes, you will never have to worry about foot perspiration.

Moreover, they have also introduced their ‘Shapelock’ technology. It is memory foam that offers complete stability and comfortability.

The insole of the shoes is designed using foam from Outlast – the foam provided temperature control, keeping both your cooler in hot condition while keeping them warm and cozy when playing in slightly colder weather. The shoes include with lace-up fitting for optimal sizing. Integrated with Power Frame TPU (ultra thin) – the component boost flexibility and offers topnotch traction.

Moreover, the shoes are made using Stealth Cleats with K5 level shock absorption and durable abrasion protection. For more flexibility and complete foot support, the shoes feature Power Vamp foot support with anatomical features, which keeps your foot in place no matter how hard you hit a shot.

Another cool thing about the shoes is the fact they come with a 2-year guarantee for waterproof protection. Combining style, precision and durability in one product – the Titantour series is nothing less than perfection for avid, professional and rookie golfers.

Some other features include:

  • Made from genuine leather and synthetic materials
  • Feature a wide-track, high-quality rubber sole
  • Lace-up fitting for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Designed with perforated panels
  • Puma’s signature Formstrip
  • Effective temperature regulation
PUMA Men's Titantour Golf Shoe

source: golfalot.com

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Adidas Golf Men's Tour360 Boa Boost

When you talk about a complete product, especially when it comes to golf shoes – there is nothing better than Adidas’ Tour360 Boa Boost series. Although there are a bit pricey, the features incorporated in the product are astonishing.

These shoes can help you train harder and perform better regardless of the golfing conditions and how wet the course is. The shoe has a remarkable design and integrates state of the art features that take the golfing footwear into the future.

Some other incredible features and benefits include:

  • Wrap stability – 360 degrees
  • Wrap designed with total midfoot and lower foot support with extra padding
  • Independent flexibility in the forefoot as well as in the heel for a more dynamic and professional foot control
  • Designed with an elongated Boost memory foam for unparalleled comfort, support, and breathability
  • Made from genuine leather – climate proof for a premium and sophisticated look – the leather is soft and very durable
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Low-top shaft measurements right from the arch of your feet
  • Integrated with Adidas’ patented Boa Closure technology with a sophisticated pull and push design that is positioned right above the middle of the tongue of shoes for even the tiniest of adjustments
  • 360-degree Boa loop for unmatched performance, fitting and stability
  • Made with state of the art dual-density TPU outsole with 10-cleat for precision-based motion. The cleats are CentraXion for enhanced shot performance and stability
adidas Golf Men's Tour360 Boa Boost Spiked Shoe

source: adidasgolf.eu

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ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2

When it comes to cutting-edge performance and a technological advantage – there is no doubt you can put your faith in ECCO’s Biom Hybrid 2 series. These remarkable designed golfing shoes are the epitome of state-of-the-art sports innovation and tech.

With biomechanical enhancements and mechanism, the Biom Hybrid can provide you top notch flexibility, foot support, motion, breathability, and stability when making the largest of swings to making the most cautious of put shots from a sand bunker.

The shoes include Hydromax innovation, which is the primary component that provides maximum resistance to moisture and wet conditions, efficiently absorbing moisture.

Moreover, the ECCO Hybrid 2 also incorporates the E-DTS component, which is a feature that offers more than 700 variances in traction levels. It is fitted right on the outsole for superior gripping. The biomechanical technology used is to give you an all-natural feeling.

It will feel as if you aren't wearing any shoes, but at the same time, you will be performing way more efficiently than other players. The tech in the shoes is there to help prepare your feet for absorbing all that shock from making huge swings and powerful long-range shots.

Some other features and benefit include:

  • Made from synthetic and original leather for superior, premium look and feel
  • Imported materials are used for making these shoes
  • Durable, high-end rubber sole
  • The material at the top of the shoe is made from leather extracted from Yak skin.
ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

source: us.shop.ecco.com

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Nike Men's Lunar Command Golf Shoe

If you're looking for budget-friendly yet highly effective and top performing golf shoes, then look no further than the Nike Men’s Lunar Command series.

These are the company's flagship golf shoes rivaling even the best of the best on the market regarding comfortability, your range of motion, and durability. Available in trendy and hip colors, the Command series incorporate synthetic leather for durable and enhanced shock absorption.

Moreover, another cool reason to wear these golf shoes is that professional golfer Rory McIlroy wears them – especially when he playing his legendary under 17 par shot at the golf club in England known as The Royal Liverpool Golf Club.

Plus, the shoes are lightweight to keep the upper part of the shoes cool, which is what will keep your feet nice, dry and fresh as well. You can play golf in these shoes for hours and not feel tired in the feet. The inner sole of the shoes is made with commercial-grade microfiber leather.

Some other features and benefits of the product include:

  • Has phylon sole placed in the midfoot section
  • Designed with Flywire cable
  • Incorporated with Lunarlon at the heel
Nike Men's Lunar Command Golf Shoe

source: sportsdirect.com

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Bottom Line

In all, these are the four best golf shoes that money can buy. They are budget-friendly; come with a variety of features and above all, wearing them will guarantee an improved gameplay.

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