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A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing Golf Balls

Needless to say, golf balls are an incredibly important piece of equipment when it comes to playing the sport. However, with so many golf balls in the market, selecting the best one can become a difficult task. When selecting a ball, it is imperative you pay attention to a few things. For example, some balls are better suited for players who enjoy spinning the ball while others prefer options that enable them to hit a longer distance.

What Are Golf Balls Made Of

The first golf balls were made from wood during the 15th century. Soon after that, feather balls gained popularity. These balls have a core of goose feathers and were usually wrapped by a bull’s hide and colored white. It was not until the 1901 that golf ball manufacturers in Britain constructed balls made from rubber.

Leather Golf Ball on Golf Tee

For several years now, resin and rubber have been the key components for manufacturing golf balls. The core of the golf ball is usually constructed from rubber. However, some golf balls may feature a liquid center.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Golf Balls

If you have been thinking of purchasing a new golf ball, here are a couple of factors you should consider before making a purchase:

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The Piece

Thanks to technological advancements, golf balls are now separated by the number of pieces used to make up the ball as a whole. The construction of the golf ball is highly important as it impacts the way the ball will make contact with the club. Different types of constructions include:

One-Piece Golf Balls

These balls are the most basic type of golf balls available in the market. They are the least expensive to produce as far as other balls are concerned and are primarily designed for beginners. As the name indicates, these balls are made using an outer shell with dimples on the outside.

Holding One Piece Golf Ball

These balls are rarely used for playing and are best suited for driving or practice range. Because of their hollow nature, these balls tend to move a lot in the air but are unable to give you distance because of their low compression. Typically, one-piece balls are constructed using a solid piece of Surlyn with dimples molded in. On a positive note, one-piece balls are the most durable of the lot.

Two-Piece Golf Balls

As the name indicates, this golf ball is typically constructed using high-energy resin or acrylate and is encased in a cut-proof or tough blended cover. This gives the ball greater distance than any other ball. Because of their solid core, 2-piece balls are able to travel much further and are generally hard.

Callaway Two Piece Golf Ball

These balls are generally the most popularly used balls in recreational golf today. These balls are highly durable and can also be used on the driving range. 2-piece balls are highly recommended for beginners who want to get ahead in the game.

Three-Piece Golf Balls

3-piece golf balls differ in several ways other than simply having extra layer. First off, the core at the center of the ball is slightly smaller than the 2-piece ball and is usually made using dense rubber. It has a solid centre that is covered using a large number of tightly interwoven elastic strings. The strings are then covered by a further shell that is constructed using a material known as surlyn.

Vice Three Piece Golf Ball

3-piece golf balls are generally softer because of their elastic casing of the core. This allows the golfer to have greater control on the ball, allowing him to implement better spin on the shot. However, 3-piece balls have to be hit harder in order to travel the same distance as 2-piece golf balls due to the softness of the ball.

Four-Piece Golf Balls

4-piece golf balls are fairly similar to 3-piece balls but they feature an extra casing over the elastic core cover. 4-piece golf balls allow greater control and typically require a high swing speed to hit over long distances. These balls offer more advanced play due to high spin speed. Professional golfers at the highest level use these balls as they allow increased variation in their play.

Four Piece Golf Ball

Five-Piece Golf Balls

The 5-piece golf ball is a result of modern golf ball development. TaylorMade was the first brand to release a 5-piece golf ball in the market. Since then, many other manufactures have followed in their footsteps and added this ball to their arsenal. Much like 3-4 piece balls, this golf ball utilizes more layers and materials to offer more spin separation and better performance benefits.

TaylorMade Five Piece Golf Ball

Typically, this type of ball features three mantle layers caught in between a soft urethane cover and a high speed core. Each mantle layer offers a unique set of benefits and reacts differently to each shot and swing speed. This optimizes performance, allowing the golfer to experiment with different techniques.

Experience Level

When purchasing a golf ball, it is integral you take into account the level of your skills. This is important as certain balls are recommended for players with certain handicaps. Using a ball that is above or below your recommended level can have adverse effects on your performance, curbing changes of improvement.

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Recreational Level

For enthusiastic golfers who enjoy playing the sport at a recreational level and like hitting the ball at the driving range, it is recommended they opt for a piece number between 1 and 2. These players usually play on the course with a high handicap level. While selecting a golf ball, pay attention to your skills and handicap level. It is advised that beginners opt for harder balls that will allow them to hit the ball further.

For Beginners/ High Handicappers

It is recommended that beginners opt for a budget-friendly ball to keep costs down. Additionally, new golfers should opt for a hardball to reduce wear and tear and invest in a ball that is low-spin to eliminate unwanted spin.

Golfer Holding Advanced Golf Ball

Medium Handicappers

These golfers can opt for expensive to mid-priced balls to improve their game as they are less likely to lose their golf balls. Opt for a ball that offers mid-spin to master intricate spin-shots while focusing on accuracy and increasing distance.

Advanced Level

Players who have spent an ample amount of time at the course and have a low handicap can opt for 3-4 piece balls. 3-piece balls are the best option as they have a softer hit, allowing the player to have more control over the spin of the ball. However, some players still prefer 2-piece balls at this level as they are used to it.

Titanium Balls 18 Piece Package


Compression is the measure of deflection a golf ball undergoes when it is hit. Compression is typically measured between 0 and 200. At 0, the ball deflects 5mm (1/5th of an inch) or more whereas at 200, the ball does not compress. Most golf balls in the market can be found a range between 50 and 100. Balls with a lower compression tend to be softer, whereas higher compression balls offer more control, allowing the player to produce a better swing.


When investing a golf ball, one cannot underestimate the importance of spin. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

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Lower Spin Golf Balls

As the name indicates, lower spin golf balls tend to decrease side spin of your shots. This allows the ball to project straighter through the air. The ball might not travel farther but it will certainly result in an improved landing. Low spin golf balls are a great option for golfers who want to reduce unwanted spin and prevent the dreaded hook or slice.

Mid Spin Balls

As the name indicates, these balls bridge the gap between low spinning and high spinning golf balls. Mid spin balls incorporate both feel and distance. They are aimed towards the widest range of players and are suited for almost everybody.

Titleist Mid Spin Golf Ball

These golf balls offer solid distance with varied feel and softness, depending on the brand. While these balls are a great option for players of all levels, they are best suited for golfers who want to keep the ball straight and work on their backspin.

High Spin Golf Balls

As the name suggests, these balls are designed to increase the balls spin in the air. These balls are best suited for expert players who already know how to control the golf ball off the tee and wish to hit those subtle shots around the green.

White And Yellow High Spin Golf Balls


You obviously want to invest in a product that will last for several months. One common problem faced by high handicap golfers is the trees that surround the course. Accidentally hitting the trees can cause irreplaceable damage to the outer casing of the ball. Invest in a hard ball that is resistant to damage.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Between Blue Balls

A hard golf ball using premium quality material is likely to last several rounds without needing to be replaced. Unfortunately, a soft ball cannot withstand wear and tear and is likely to split if used roughly. Soft golf balls are better suited for experienced players who know how to veer off the course.


Distance should not be a top priority among golf novices. Instead, this is something only skilled players should be worried about. Beginners should focus on aspects, such as keeping the ball on the fairway and not in the rough. Distance will come later when a golfer has more experience under his belt.

Golfer Swinged The Ball in The Air

Trying to hit the ball as far as one can at an early stage can cause you to lose the ball. Instead, novice players should opt for a low-spin golf ball that helps the player hit straighter off the tee. This not only improves their game but also makes the game more enjoyable.

Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized golf balls make a great gift for family and friends who are interested in the sport. Personalized golf balls can be printed in a variety of different designed and colors. Have a slogan printed on it, such as ‘world’s best golfer’ or ‘world’s best dad’. Companies can even have their logo printed on golf balls to hand out to their employees. Other personalized items you can opt for include ball markers, pitch repairs, and golf bags.

Personalized Golf Ball on Golf Tee


Golf balls are usually available in two types of covers. It includes:

  • Surlyn Cover - Surlyn is a slightly hard, extremely durable cover that is known to withstand cuts and nicks much better than other materials.
  • Urethane Cover - Urethane covers are much softer and offer golfers better control and feel over the ball. Urethane covers are common on multi-layered balls and are typically found in most total performance golf balls.

Consider Investing In A Ball Marker

A ball marker is a small flat object which is used to mark the position of the ball when it is lifted on the putting green. It is the size of a coin and is placed directly behind the golf ball before it is lifted. The ball is then replaced in front of the ball marker on its original spot. While most amateur players use small coins as markers, there are many golfers who opt for specifically manufactured markets for this purpose.

Golfer Markering Golf Ball

Hopefully, you will now be able to purchase a quality golf ball for yourself without facing any difficulties. Remember, you normally get what you pay for hence do not be finicky when it comes down to the price.

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