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The Ultimate Guide To Different Golf Hats

Want to appear more stylish on the course? Perhaps you should consider getting a new golf hat. Stepping out on the green in the right apparel ensures golfers benefit from comfort and proper technique throughout the game. Since a round of golf can take several hours, a golf hat is a handy accessory.

Rest assured, there are no official rules on what type of hat you can wear, hence you can choose from a variety of options.

A hat will shield your eyes from direct sunlight, allowing you to concentrate on the game. It will also keep sweat out of your eyes and protect your face from heat and glare. Even when the weather is cloudy, it is essential you wear a golf hat to protect your skin from getting burnt. Here some factors you should consider before investing in a golf hat:

  • Fabric - While investing in golf apparel, ensure the fabric is moisture wicking and comfortable to wear.
  • Sufficient Sun Protection - What is the point of a golf hat if it does not provide you sufficient protection from the sun? Bucket hats and wide brim hats are a great option if you are looking for added protection.
Three Different Color Golf Hats
  • Machine Washable - Ensure your golf hat is machine washable. Additionally, quality materials and fabrics greatly reduce the amount of sweat stains.
  • Color - Make a fashion statement every time you set out in the course. Bright colors are a great option for flamboyant golfers while senior players can opt for neutral colors.
  • Types - Here is where buying a golf hat gets exciting because there are so many types to choose from. Whether you opt for a casual ball cap or are on the lookout for something trendy like a wide-brim hat, the choice is entirely up to you.

Types of Golf Hats

Apart from keeping the sun out of your eyes, a golf hat has become an important fashion accessory. Whether you choose to wear a ball cap, like Tiger Woods, or opt for something more unique like a straw hat, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some different types of golf hats:

Bucket Hats

As the name indicates, bucket hats have a headwear design that features a downwards sloping brim. Typically, these hats are designed from heavy-duty fabrics, such as canvas or denim, along with two metal eyelets on the sides to promote ventilation.

Golfer Wearing Bucket Hat

These hats are increasing in popularity and can cost anywhere between $6 and $40 or more, depending on brand and quality. A mesh bucket hat is a great option for golfers who are in search of an inexpensive hat that not only provides ventilation but protection from the sun.

Ball Caps

A ball cap is one of the most widely worn fashion items in the world. It is a kind of soft cap that features a rounded crown with a stiff peak projecting from the front. These caps are an inexpensive option and cost about $15 and up, depending on the brand and style. It is crucial you select a hat made of lightweight materials.

Most caps in the market feature an internal sweat band that reduces perspiration and keeps it from running down your face.

Nike Men’s Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat Black Model

While these caps are top-notch for shielding your eyes, they are considered less fashionable. However, that truly depends on your personal taste and style. After all, if Tiger Woods can pull it off, so can you. Generally, these caps are great for casual games as opposed to playing at an elite golf course or at the country club.


This hat simply consists of a brim with a strap that encircles the head. Like ball caps, visors also shield your eyes from the sun and provide increased ventilation. Even though Visors are roughly the same price as ball caps, they are considered more trendy and stylish. Most visor brands feature mesh insets for more comfort and style. Most visor brands are available with a stretch band back that fits any head size.

Three Golf Visors Hats

While these caps provide good air circulation, they do not protect your head from direct sunlight. This might be a problem for male golfers, especially if you do not have much hair on top to protect your scalp from burning. Visors are best suited for a casual game of golf and are popularly worn by female golf players.

Wide-Brim Hats

In search of something a little more classy and stylish? Why not opt for a wide-brim hat. These hats provide extensive protection from the sun, shielding not only your head but the face and neck as well. Panama hats, fedoras and straw hats are all included in this category.

Golfer Wearing Wide Brim Hat

The best thing about wide brim hats is they are lightweight and cooling during the summers. Wide brim hats are an exceptional choice if you are headed to an upper-scale course and wish to look your best. While straw hats are a little pricy, other types of hats can be found at a reasonable price.


As mentioned before, there are no rules to the kind of hats you can wear at the golf course. Channel the inner golfer in you and opt for a novelty hat that will help you stand out in the crowd. The options are limitless. Opt for a golf beanie or invest in a camouflage bucket hat. The possibilities are endless and you won’t have to strain your budget since these hats are readily affordable.

Golfer Wearing Titleist Golf Hat

So, you see, there are plenty of different golf hats to choose from. Opt for one that matches your personal taste and style. Do not forget to check out Titleist and Golf Wang, as both the brands offer some really cool golf hats in an assortment of colors and styles.

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