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The Complete Guide To Golf Handicap

What Is A Golf Handicap

Basically, a golf handicap tells you what you are worth as a player; it is a numerical value shedding light on the level of your game and your potential ability. When talking about stroke play, the golf handicap tracker calculates your total or (net) score from total number of strokes you have played during a golf tournament or an entire competition.

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What this does is enable players that have different game levels and experience and abilities to compete against one another on equal footing. When playing a match, the handicap is the numerical difference between golfers, which is utilized to identify the total amount of golf strokes a player that has a very good golf handicap will give to another player who has a high handicap during a game.

Golfers that have a high handicap are considered as beginners or amateurs in comparison to players that have a very low handicap. Official and accurate handicap scores are calculated and managed by golf clubs that are affiliated with national as well as regional golfing association.

These clubs provide players with additional handicap reviews for both low handicapped golfers and those with extremely low handicaps.

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However, it is also important to understand that there are no precise rules when it comes to handicaps and each country may have a different regulation or rule for it. Moreover, the handicap system isn't applied in professional golfing tournaments and competitions.

Amateur or rookie golfers who also have golfing memberships are only eligible to receive their handicaps upon the payment of year national association fees.

How To Get A Golf Handicap

Golf handicaps are made in order to enable different players with different skill levels to compete with each other. To establish and be eligible for a handicap, you need to at least make 5 points in 18-hole rounds.

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After you are done playing five or more than five rounds, officials of the club will base your handicap on the 10 best golfing rounds you’ve played out of the 20. In light of this, mentioned below are some important step you need take in order to create a golf handicap.

First of all, you need to join a golfing association in your region that offers official USGA handicap services. There are many golfing courses and associations throughout the US that provide players with effective handicapping services, but you are going to have to pay an annual fee for it.

Next, you’ll have to enter the latest 5 18-hole golf games into the handicap program of the golfing association or a scorecard. The handicap committee will than review your score card and offer you handicap points. However, it is important to realize that anything less than 18 holes will be rejected.

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After that, you will be given access to review you handicap score on the Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) index. You can also request your handicap score via mail.

The Significance Of A Golf Handicap

There are numerous reasons why a gold handicap is essential to have. Mentioned below are two of the most important ones:

For Purpose Of Effectively Competing With Other Players

Here, having to compete does not necessary mean entering in a professional golfing tournament or any events sponsored by the USGA. You can enter local or regional golfing tournaments as well, and it is here that you will need an index for your golf handicap. Even if you’re competing with your friends, your handicap will come in considerably handy.

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Handicaps are updated on the first of every month, which is why you will find both amateur and slightly better golf players anxious or excited at the first of each month. This is where players discover whether they need to give strokes to their competition or receive them.

If you are lucky enough to be participating in a friendly tournament sanctioned by a business associate, you will be required to provide the golfing association with proof that you have a golf handicap.

You will still be permitted to play if you don’t have one, however, you will not be given any handicap whatsoever, which also means that you stand no chance of winning against a competitor who a golf handicap.

Golf Handicaps Can Help Improve Your Overall Score

Another great advantage of having a handicap is the fact that you can evaluate how skillful you have become at the game and to continue improving. The lower your handicap the better you are getting. The golf handicap index provides you with an exact valuation, and it is up to you to either improve the score or not.

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Calculating The Handicap Index

A golf handicap calculator or index is used to determine the average handicap of a player based on his latest golf games and scores. The index has a fixed and precise formula. However, it is essentially tells you your average score per game, factoring in the difficulty of the golf course you played on, and then multiplies your score by .96.

Utilizing A Golf Handicap Index

A majority of golfing competitions need a specific handicap index from players to initiate a competition while most golfing tournaments establish the index in real time as soon as the tournaments starts. You can use your index to either receive strokes or give them whoever you are up against.

Golf Handicaps - A Common Misconception

A majority of golfers are of the view that their handicap index is calculated by the United States Golf Association (USGA). But the fact of the matter is, it only maintains and updates your handicap scores, it doesn’t actually calculate them.

Calculating Golf Handicap

The respective golfing association that you are a member of is primarily responsible for calculating golf handicaps. The USGA is sanctions these associations to do so and offer them whatever support required.

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