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M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer

A simple gadget, such as a golf swing analyzer, can significantly improve your performance. While you can choose from a variety of devices for the task, what really matters is accuracy. The M-Tracer MT500GII has been endorsed by some of the best golf instructors in the world.

The device accurately tracks multiple views of your swing and gives you an insight into the game, allowing you to perform to your best. The M-Tracer MT500GII is considered one of the best golf swing analyzers in the industry since it captures swing data from all angles.


Here are some notable features of the Epsom M-Tracer MT500GII:

  • Features Core Sensing Technology - With the help of this tiny device, players can significantly improve their club accuracy. The Epsom M-Tracer MT500GII features core sensing technology that gives an accuracy of up to one tenth of a degree.
  • Critical Checkpoints - The Epsom M-Tracer MT500GII features a V-Zone view that lets golfers analyze their backswings, downswings and follow-trough.
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  • 360 Degrees and 3D Swing Path - With the device, you can review your swing from any possible angle. The mobile application provides a 360 Degrees swing path and 3D.
  • Instant Results - Use the mobile app to review your data instantly after each swing.
  • Bluetooth Capability - Like any other high-end device, the Epsom M-Tracer MT500GII uses Bluetooth to transmit data to your phone.
  • Key Swing Metrics - The handy device offers information on main swing metrics, such as club path, club head speed, attack angle and face angle.
  • Speed and Distance - The device makes it possible for golfers to track club head lag and grip speed.


Some notable pros of the Epsom M-Tracer MT500GII that help it stand out in the market include:

M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer on Cell Phone

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  • Provides Useful Data - While there are several swing analyzers in the market, their problem is they do not offer golfers useful data. Additionally, you not only get valuable information but can access it in 3D and real time.
  • Portability - Whether you are practicing in your own backyard or headed to the golf course, the Epsom M-Tracer MT500GII is lightweight and compact. Fasten the device on the grip without worrying about it affecting your performance. People at the golf course will hardly notice it.
  • Provides Real-time Data - The device makes it possible for golfers to access data in real-time. This means you can practice your favorite sport without having somebody around.


The only notable con of the Epsom M-Tracer MT500GII is

  • Difficult to Use - Some golfers may find it difficult to interpret the readings. However, this would only be an issue for new golfers.
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The Epsom M-Tracer MT500GII is a good investment if you are a skilled golfer. However, the device is priced on the higher end of the scale which means you easily find similar products for half the price. However, nothing beats the performance of the Epsom M-Tracer MT500GII.

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