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Best Golf Accessories – There’s More To Golf Than Clubs

Golf is a sport which is practiced throughout a large part of the Americas and Europe, it originated in Scotland and the rules have seen little change for the past hundred or so years. The popularity in golf lies in the relative lack of intensity when compared to other sports.

Golf courses throughout the world provide some of the most expensive and varied country club experiences available. Courses from Arizona to Scotland attract a large number of people from around the world so they can attempt to take on some of the most world renowned courses.

There are many parts to a golf course and it helps to have a working knowledge of each part and how it will affect the dynamics of your ball when you take your shot.

Tee Box is the place you start

The tee-box is the ground on which you place your tee and begin your round of golf. The grass here is usually cut down and the ground is soft so you may more easily place you tee.

You may choose the hit the ball off of the ground directly, which is referred to is hitting off the deck or you can use a tee, which is the choice of most players as it will greatly improve the quality of your drive.

There are two types of grass that are at use on a typical golf course. You can either land your ball in the rough or the fairway.

The rough is the part of the grass which is more coarse and cut to less stringent specifications than the fairway. The rough provides a counterpoint to the fairway in that it very difficult to roll your ball on this terrain.

Rough Grass you should avoid

The rough grass also makes it much more difficult to chip your ball out of the terrain and move it further up the course.

The fairway on the other hand, is the part of the grass which is cut much more and provides a better rolling surface for your ball so you can make it further down the course after your swing.

The other good part about the fairway is that it provides a good base for you to work the ball further up the course on your next swing. This will help you finish the course in fewer strokes, so you want to assure that you have enough reach to get from the tee-box to the nearest patch of fairway to ensure that you pass the course as far as you can under par.

The next aspect to look for in the course is the hazards. Hazards are there in order to increase the difficulty level of the course, as these hazards will bog down your ball or cause you to lose a stroke depending on the exact nature of the hazard that you must face.

Sand Traps slow you down immensely

The first hazard you will run into is known as a sand trap or a bunker, these will effectively trap your ball as sand will quickly and efficiently rob your ball of most if not all of its forward momentum. The purpose of these sand traps is to make you pay better attention to where your ball will land.

The worst part of sand traps is that you will very likely waste a stroke chipping your ball out of the trap itself and setting yourself up for a position to resume your game.

As you can see, sand traps can result in a loss of one stroke guaranteed if not too, unless your chipping skill is supreme and the sand trap is unrealistically close to the hole.

The worst golf hazards

Water hazards are another form of hazard that can commonly be found on more difficult holes in certain courses. If your ball ends up in a water hazard, you lose your stroke and you have to take your shot from the same spot until you do not hit the water hazard.

This is a much more dangerous form of hazard as it will lose you a stroke at the cost of no forward movement for your ball. Water hazards are to be avoided at all costs as they can certainly ruin your round if you are not careful enough.

Mad Golfer because of a failed shot

Golf can certainly be a frustrating sport. In fact, the frustration that is involved in the playing of golf is one of the most notorious aspects of the game. But the frustration is honestly part of the experience.

That contributes to the intensity of the game as you always feel like all of your efforts are balancing on a knife edge, as one bad hole can ruin your entire round. A lot of time and effort goes into a round of golf, and seeing that disintegrate before your very eyes can be one of the most annoying things you will ever experience.

There are many accessories that you can purchase for golf, because you must keep in mind that many other purchases in golf tend to overshadow the accessories. Ensure that you do not let your balls and golf clubs blind you to the importance of buying proper accessories for your golfing.

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Collegiate Hat Clip & 2 Ball Markers

Collegiate Hat Clip & 2 Ball Markers
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Giggle Golf Bling Putt Now

Giggle Golf Bling
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Golf Ball Line Liner Marker

Golf Ball Line Liner
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CMC Golf Ball Marker Assortment

CMC Golf Ball Marker Assortment
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Collegiate Hat Clip & 2 Ball Markers

Technical Specs

  • Attaches to Hat/Visor movie
  • Magnetic Clip
  • Ohio State Buckeyes Design


This ball marker comes with a magnetic clip for easy attachment to the ground. It allows the user to quickly measure their golf ball without issue. Thus, it’s a good for those wanting to show their collegiate pride with this marker.

One thing users liked about the clip is its security. When attaching their hat to the clip, it keeps their hat steady and in good condition. Also, the ball markers help mark the green; meaning that the plays can effectively play the game. Its secure features make it easier to use when out on the field.

Collegiate Hat Clip & 2 Ball Markers

Another advantage lies in the magnet itself. Users state that the magnet keeps the marker perfectly aligned. Marking the ball is already a complicated task. When using this golf ball marking tool, you’ll improve your time setting up and getting back to play.

However, the magnet has issues in quality. It begins to show signs of wear after a few weeks of usage. We suggest getting replacements. Having replacements help you stay in the game if the custom ball markers don’t work.

While it has issues in its durability and quality, the ball marker still proves its value. It allows users to find the exact spot of their ball when it’s on the green. Overall, we believe that the hat clips ball markers is a good gift for the collegiate golf player.

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Giggle Golf Bling Putt Now

Technical Specs

  • 10mm magnet
  • 1” diameter
  • Jewelry/Rhinestone design


Next on the list is the Giggle Golf ball marker. It’s designed for golfers at the casual level. While skeptics say it’s too “glossy” of a ball marker, it still has value. This is an ideal golf gift for beginners who want to have fun playing.

Users praised the ball maker because of its quality. At first look it appears to be a cheap marker. However, it plays well when out on the field. We noticed how easy it was to mark out balls when using this marker. That’s why it’s a good product for those wanting something functional

Also, people liked the marker because of its design. It comes with a 10mm magnet that has a nice weight behind it. This helps you mark your ball easier and more efficiently. Shoppers find this marker perfect for when they need something to adjust their markings.

Giggle Golf Bling

But, it has a flaw with durability. When in use, the holder starts to fall off the visor or the ball. Because of this, users found it hard to complete their games. We suggest getting replacement markers of higher quality holders if you want a professional level game.

The Giggle Golf Bling Putt is one of the coolest golf ball markers in the market. It isn’t made for professional play, but that’s fine. It’s a perfect golf gift for casual golf players who want to learn more about the game.

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Golf Ball Line Liner Marker

Technical Specs

  • Double sided enamel
  • Easily Attachable to any hat
  • ​Simple Golf Lining
  • ​Square Putter Line
  • 4.32cm Diameter


The Golf Ball Line Liner Marker is great for simple use. It comes with a square putter line that aligns the mark with the grass. The simple golf lining helps when making an accurate measurement. For users wanting a simple to use marker, this might be the right choice for you.

A thing that users like about the marker is its value. While it’s an inexpensive marker, it still is used for various tasks. Shoppers use the line marker to improve their gameplay. Place the marker behind the ball to correctly mark the target correctly.

Golf Ball Line Liner

Users like the extended diameter range of the marker. The diameter helps the user create accurate measurements. You’ll want something simple when finding a pair of line markers. Because of this, the marker is a great tool for improving your skill level.

The lack of quality is its main con. When in use, consumers complained about the lack of stability. The marker tips and falls in areas of high wind pressure. Don’t hesitate to get a pair of replacement markers if this event occurs.

Based on the results, it’s a useful replacement. It’s inexpensive and serves as one of the best permanent marker for golf balls in the market. Further, you’ll notice its use once out on the field. Make sure to use it in areas of low wind pressure. This maintains the quality of your golf marker for a long time period.

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CMC Golf Ball Marker Assortment (Pack of 50)

Technical Specs

  • Lines up Golf Ball
  • Easier Ball Pickup
  • ​Metal Casting
  • ​Helps draw clear and straight lines
  • 24.5 mm Diameter


Last on our list is the CMC Golf Ball Marker. It comes with an assortment of 50 markers to serve as a replacement. With its metal casting, it stays steady throughout harsh venues. This is one of the best golf marker pens due to its multiple amount.

Users like it because the marker is reliable. When out on the field, users noticed its simplicity. Shoppers noticed that when using the marker, it improved their PAR rating. Place the marker behind golf ball before it lifts to get an accurate measurement.

CMC Golf Ball Marker Assortment

In addition, the marker offers a room for personalization. Unlike popular brands that have a standard appearance, the assortment comes with a wide range of colors. If you need an extra set of personalized golf ball markers, this might be the right choice for you.

Look out for duplicates that come with the marker. Consumers experienced an extra set of markers that had the same coloring. In fact, some consumers didn’t receive all 50 markers after their purchase. Call for a replacement if this issue occurs.

Mainly, the GMC Golf Ball Marker is great for variety. When golfing, you’ll lose markers often. Since it comes with 50 markers, you’ll never need a replacement again. It’s the best golf ball marker for those needing a variety of pieces and for long golfing games.

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The CMC Golf Ball Marker Assortment Pack is the winner. It comes with an assortment of 50 ball markers golf that serve as a replacement. While there are duplicates, it keeps your ball properly measured. Ultimately, this assortment pack is for the basic and pro golfers.

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