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How To Perfect Your Golf Swing: Some Tips And Tricks

Most people assume that the best way to develop a consistent swing is to stand on the range and spend the day whacking golf balls until you get the hang of the right technique. However, the best way to develop a consistent swing is to break down the process in to several steps.

Golf Swing Basics

Before learning how to properly swing your golf club, it is crucial you learn what a proper swing is.

Woman Golf Swing

Consistent Ball Contact

When attempting to maneuver the best swing mechanics, it crucial you have consistent ball contact. While practice is the key to good performance, there are some particular pointers you can keep in mind:

  • Avoid moving off or swaying the ball during the swing. Moving the body up and down or sideways is detrimental to hitting the ball during the swing. If in case, you have a swaying problem, try to keep your back knee stationary and flexed. The knee should not move sideways or straighten up on the back swing. To become a great player, you must learn to minimize lower-body movement and keep the knee stable and flexed.
  • When moving off the bat vertically, it is crucial you remind yourself to keep your upper body at one level. The upper body should always be the same distance from the ground. Moving around too much causes numerous counter actions and negative actions that impact the golf swing. A good mental too is to imagine a pile running straight down your spine and into the ground, fixing your position in place. Eliminating excessive body movement will assist your golf swing.
  • In addition to discouraging excessive movement, it is integral you practice your fundamentals (ball position, stance and grip) to maintain consistent ball contact.

Consistent Direction

When trying to achieve the correct swing sequence, you need to ensure your toe-lie is parallel to the target line or the ball line. This will help the ball travel further down. Avoid adopting inconsistent direction: that is when one part of the body goes into a different direction from the other.

Parallel Toe-lie For Correct Golf Swing

If your toes are pointed towards a certain direction, ideally your knees should move the same direction as your shoulders. Work on trying to maintain consistent direction so that you are consistently vertical to the target or ball line.

Correct Posture

Small actions such as your posture have a serious impact on your performance. If you want to perform well, you need to adopt the correct golf posture. Keeping your weight equally balanced will help you adopt the best swing stance. As a tip, try to hand your arms naturally so that you have enough room to move your shoulders comfortably. This will help you adopt a good position to swing the golf club.


The alignment is also an important factor you should perfect if you are practicing your golf swing. The alignment refers to the position of your body relative to the target or ball line. Ideally, your body should be aligned in a parallel manner to the ball or target line for all standard shots, especially your shoulders. This is important because your shoulders play an integral role in influencing the direction of your arms while swinging.

Woman Body Alignment For Correct Golf Swing

Here are some additional factors you should be careful of:

  • Arrange your feet: Arrange your feet in a way so that your front foot is slightly placed ahead of the ball. The club should rest near the middle of your body and your feet should be wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Stand close to the ball: Get close enough to the ball so that the center of the clubface reaches the ball with your arms out forward but still relaxed. However, you should not stand too close to the ball or else it will compromise on your club positioning.
  • Bend your knees: Adopt an athletic stance by bending your knees. Distribute your weight evenly on both feet. While you will be required to shift your weight during the backswing and the downswing, it is best you start with an even weight distribution.

How To Swing A Golf Club

Swinging a golf club can be complicated for beginners. Follow this step-by-step guide that will surely aid you in perfecting your swing.

  • Grip the golf club - Find a comfortable way to grip the club. One easy way is to interlock the index finger of one hand with the pinky of the other hand. There are several grips hence you can adopt which ever suits you best.
  • Stance - Now, stand with your knees bent. Bend at the hips as if you were leaning towards the golf ball. Be careful not to lean in too much as it may cause an injury.
  • Extend Arms - Keep your arms straight and extended. This is very important prior to your swing.
  • Backswing - Start pulling the club backwards while keeping the wrists and arms straight. Once your golf club is parallel with the ground, rotate your wrist, continuing to bring the club upwards until your shoulders come under your chin.
Man Swinging The Golf Ball
  • Down Swing - You will not be changing the direction of the swing, bringing it downwards. As you lower your arms, your golf club should remain parallel with the ground and in this moment, you need to rotate your wrists.
  • Making Contact - Your golf club should now make contact with the ball. Remember to keep your wrists straight once you have resumed back to the starting position.
  • Follow Through - As you follow through the ball, the club will start to rise just like the back swing. Once the club is parallel to the ground, continue rotating your wrists.
  • Body Rotation - Continue following the momentum of your swing. At this point, remember to look up to see where the ball is headed.
  • Finishing - Rotate your knees and hips and bring your back foot on your toes.

Top 3 Golf Swing Drills

Expert and professionals know that golf swing drills are well worth their time and help improve performance. Though most golfers prefer a quick tip or piece of advice rather than being suggesting practicing drills over and over again, these simple drills will certainly prove to be useful for you in the long run:

Arm Drill

Lining up correctly is a major problem among beginners and players who only turn up at the course once or twice in a month. Having the right alignment saves you much trouble, eliminating slice and hooks, making the game more enjoyable. To practice this drill, you will need one golf ball and two separate clubs.

Proper Hand Motion For Golf Swing
  • Take a normal stance and drop the ball on your feet.
  • Position the second club in line with the tips of your shoes.
  • Move a step back and see whether the club on the ground is directly pointed at the target. Adjust the club so that it lines up with the target. Then, retake your stance.

This drill is beneficial for developing a better understanding of where you need to aim and where you need to hit the ball. Over time, your hand-eye coordination will improve, allowing you to aim properly at the target.

High Dime

If you hit your iron shots fat, this simple drill will help you attain a better swing. Simply place a dime on the practice tee and begin with a pitching wedge. With your normal swing, try to hit the dime in the air. The higher up the coin goes the better contact you will make with the clubface.

High Dime Golf Swing

Practicing your swing with an object that is smaller than a golf ball will increase your confidence when you are standing over the ball. Practice this drill with every iron club in your bag. Over time, you will learn to make much better contact that will improve your swing.

Delay Drill

Most beginners and average golfers have the tendency to hit a big hook or slice. This is caused when the golfer’s body moves faster or slower than the swing. Here’s how you can practice this drill”

Delay Drill Golf Swing
  • Resume your normal stance and begin the swing.
  • At the top of the swing, pause and count to three and then finish. This drill allows the body and swing to connect and move together.

This drill might seem difficult at first but with some practice, you will be able to hit the ball straighter and further than ever before.

Top Golf Swing Tips

If you are tired of practicing at the course with no visible improvements, here are some golf swing tips that will enhance your performance:

Practice The Right Stance

Professional golfers are known for making powerful swings look effortless. A beginner on the other hand may have to face several difficulties. Most average players tend to miss the ball entirely or end up hurling themselves on the ground when trying to swing the golf club.

Teaching Proper Body Alignment For Golf Swing

Fortunately, these errors are avoidable if you give proper consideration to your stance before you decide to hit the ball. For the right stance, here’s what you need to keep in mind: align yourself properly and spread your feet. Also, be careful not to slouch and adopt a straight posture. Hold your club securely without applying too much pressure. Focus on keeping your body relaxed and not rigid.

Use The Lower Body For Power

Professional golfers know that real power comes from the lower body and not just the arms. If you want to perfect your swing, you need to learn to power the club using your user body. For this, position the club behind the ball at address, keeping your body in a dead-stop position.

Man Performing Golf Swing

Attempt to drag the ball in the air without going for a backswing. If you are a golfer who uses your hands to control the club, you might struggle at first. However, with practice, you will find it easier to move the club with your body and will start hitting the ball consistently. This especially benefits your downswing, allowing you to become a better golf player.

Invest In Swing Analyzer

A swing analyzer is one of the best tools you can invest. The simple gadget accurately tracks multiple views of your swing and gives you an insight of the game, allowing you to perform your best. Golfers can review their swing from any possible angle. Most high tech devices offer useful information on main swing metrics such as club path, club head speed, attack angle and face angle that give you a better insight about your game.

M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer on Cell Phone

Use these metrics to improve your performance and work on your swing speed. A swing analyzer is very compact in size and easily attaches to the golf grip without hindering your performance.

Keep Your Hands Low

Reducing the height of the follow through will efficiently reduce the height of your shots. The lower you position your hands, the lower the ball flight. Golfers can try using a stronger club or try moving the ball back in their stance to achieve the same results however these methods are a bit unreliable and difficult to execute. To keep the trajectory of your shots low, keep your hands low towards the finish.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Hooker shots need you to stop the clubface from closing too soon, adopt the simple thumbs down approach. Pointing your thumb towards the ground slows the closing of the clubface. This eliminates shorts that tend to curve to the left. The thumbs-up approach is best for slicers.

Showing Perfect Golf Swing Grip

Keep these handy tips in mind the next time you head over to the golf course. Hopefully, with some practice, you will be able to improve your performance drastically. Good luck!

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