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Factors To Consider While Purchasing Golf Shirts

Anybody who spends time at the course knows golf is a lot more than a simple leisure activity. While there are plenty of ways to improve your game, it is integral you pay attention to your outfit as well. The right golf apparel provides comfort, enabling players to perform their best at the game.

You can select from several options in the market. However, before you invest in a golf shirt of your choice, it is crucial you enlighten yourself on the etiquette and dress code information for different golf courses. Here’s your guide to choosing the best golf shirts in town:

Knowing About Golf Clothing Etiquette

As a general rule, most golf courses require players to abide by the dress-code to maintain the overall image of the club. Usually, the level of strictness of the dress code is proportional to the reputation and exclusivity of the course.

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When it comes to tops, both men and women are advised to stick to collared shirts. A breezy polo allows better movement while swinging. Players can choose from short or long sleeve golf shirts, according to the weather.

Opt For Moisture Wicking Fabrics

Golf is usually played in the summer, hence opt for a shirt that has moisture wicking capabilities. 100% polyester shirts are a great option, as these shirts are resistant to stains and will not wrinkle or shrink.

Holding Moisture Wicking Golf Shirt

This allows players to enjoy the game while feeling comfortable and breezy without worrying about bodily stains. Additionally, you can also opt for 100% cotton shirts as natural fibers do not irritate the skin and are considered one of the most breathable fabrics.

Don’t Forget Winter Wear

While golf is typically played when the weather is warm, some dedicated golfers do not let the cold temperatures keep them from the course. If you are an avid golfer, do not forget to shop for flexible winter wear that will not hamper your swing. Invest in a long-sleeved golf shirt with a lightweight insulated jacket that will keep the wind off your back.

Golfer Wearing Long Sleeve Shirt

If you do not want to compromise on style, pick out vibrant colored clothing that will help you stand out in the golf course.

Comfort Should Be Your Top Priority

A day on the greens can feel long and tiring if your clothes are not designed for the sport. Modern golf apparel offer a number features that are designed to offer the wearer premium comfort while playing the game. Opt for golf shirts that are labeled lightweight, and breathable to keep you cool during the long hours of play.

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Additionally, invest in flexible clothing. A day spent at the golf course requires twisting, crouching and bending. All this becomes unbearable when garments are stiff and unforgiving. Your comfort level will directly impact your game, hence opt for clothing you can easily move around in.

Water-Proof Garments

Avid golfers who hit the course despite rainy weather must invest in water-proof garments. Invest in a water-resistant shirt ideally made from 100% polyester and top it off with a nice water-proof jacket. Water-proof garments are typically laminated and coated to keep water from passing through the fabric.

Golfer Wearing Waterproof Golf Clothes

Layering is also a great option to ensure excess heat goes away from the body, keeping you dry and breezy. Tight-fitting base layers have been known to compress muscles and enhance circulation that plays an important role in improving performance.

Find Your Fit

Typically, golf shirts are designed to be formfitting without being too tight. Invest in a shirt that provides sufficient room to encourage natural motion without the restriction of too much fabric. Pay attention to the size guides while purchasing a shirt.

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While investing in a tight shirt might restrict movement, a baggy shirt is likely to distract you and keep you from performing your best. Ideally, the shirt should be loose fitting to result in a great range of motion. Golfers may also opt for standard fit or slim fit shirts, according to their personal preferences.


While golf may not be as strenuous, such as football or basketball, it is pretty physically demanding. Do not invest in a poor quality shirt that will not last long. Buy appropriate apparel from a reputable brand to ensure you purchasing in quality materials. Seek golf Polo shirts that will last despite the wear and tear of the golf course.

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A good way to ensure the quality of the products is to check out reviews written by customers. Buying inexpensive and pool quality shirts will cost you in the long run since you will be required to go shopping more frequently.

Complete Your Look with Accessories

Your brand-new polo will look even better if you are sporting the right accessories. Essential golf accessories not only look great but improve your performance. Here are a couple of items you can purchase to complete your look:

  • Golf Hat - Like with any other outdoor sport, including golf, keeping the sun out of your eyes is usually a major concern. Choose from a variety of golf hats including ball caps, bucket hats and visors when playing. Visors are a great option for women since it won’t mess up your hairstyle.
Golfer Wearing Nike Men’s Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat
  • Golf Shoes - Opt for a comfortable pair of shoes that provide traction on all terrains, including sand, mud and grass.
  • Sunglasses - Golfers frequently look up to the sky to follow the ball trajectory.This becomes a lot easier if you are wearing a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses protect the eyes and enables players to have a better view when hitting in bright conditions.

These are just a few factors you should consider when choosing the best golf shirt. The right choice will certainly have a positive impact on your game. Good luck!

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