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TaylorMade R15 Driver

Over the years, TaylorMade has produced several exceptional good drivers. The R15 is no different and has created a storm in the world of golfing. To have a consistent game, you need a driver that will perform well. With a great driver, you no longer have to tire yourself down, chipping out from behind the trees.

With a large variety of drivers available on the internet, you may find it difficult to select the best one. Rest assured, TaylorMade is a brand you can trust and is considered the king of drivers.

Holding TaylorMade R15 Driver

The TaylorMadeR15 was designed with the vision to increase the launch angle and cut down on the spin for a straighter drive. This gives the golfer greater control and distance, especially when it comes to the lower part of the club face.


Here are some notable features of the TaylorMade R15:

  • Advanced Technology - The TaylorMade R15 uses advanced technology that features a New Front Track System, causing the driver to perform like a Speed Pocket. The new system increases the size of the sweet spot and reduces spin, resulting in better performance.
  • Visual Appeal - The TaylorMade R15 is an attractive driver that sports a visually appealing color scheme.
  • New Sliding Split Weights - The TaylorMade R15 features new sliding split weights that results in maximum stability.
  • Lower Center of Gravity - The R15 features a lower center of gravity that promotes a lower spin and a higher launch.


Here are some notable pros of the TaylorMade R15:

TaylorMade R15 Driver
  • Accuracy - The TaylorMade R15 is among the highest rated drivers. It features 12.5g movable weights that make it easy to take a healthy rip, increasing accuracy.
  • Great Feel - Overall, the R15 has a great feel and is light towards the head. This allows golfers to swing much faster.
  • Playability - The TaylorMadeR15 is regarded as one of the best drivers up to date, allowing golfers to shape shots much easily. The movable weights allow players to control ball flight.


The TaylorMade R15 is regarded one of the best drivers and does not have any notable cons. Most customers on Amazon were happy with their purchase. However, a few customers claimed the driver was much stiffer than they thought (personal preference may vary).


The TaylorMadeR15 is available on Amazon for $179.99 along with free shipping.

Golfer Preparing To Swing Golf Ball

Our Rating


The TaylorMade R15 is a worth every penny if you want to improve your performance at the golf course. Experienced and skilled players are likely to benefit from this purchase more than amateur players.

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