Wearing Golf Shoes

The Right Golf Shoes Can Have A Powerful Effect On Your Form And Game

While it isn't necessary or required to wear golf shoes on a lot of golf courses throughout the US, golf shoes can certainly help provide you with a plethora of game changing benefits. They can improve your form, leading you to play a competitive round of golf with your friend(s).

Apart from contributing to your swing, adding a high degree of flexibility in your leg and feet movement, these special shoes can also provide you with a lot of comfort as well as the support absent in traditional footwear for sports.

Different Models of Golf Shoes

Considering the fact that an average individual takes a minimum of four hours and a maximum of six hours to finish a game of 18 holes – if you calculate the distance walked during the games, it adds up to four miles – which is the distance walked per golf course.

Well, you could opt for a golf cart, but if you find yourself in a position where one isn't available, a well-made pair to top quality shoes can provide you with the foot support and comfort required to walk such a huge distance in the name of golf.

Why Should I Wear Proper Golf Shoes

Individuals just starting to play golf or amateurs who are still in the learning phases of the game often wonder whether or not they could do without a professional pair of men’s golf shoes.

Golfer Holding Golf Shoes

Well, if you fall in one those brackets, then it is important to understand that shoes specifically made for golfers are designed to provide them with increased swing stability, flexibility in movement and the ability to maintain balance between swings, all which are required for the unique movement and motions in swinging a golf club.

How To Select The Right Pair Of Wide Golf Shoes

There is no question that you need be comfortable and flexible at the same time when playing golf. That is not to mention that you have to walk a lot over the course, and you cannot afford to tire your feet, especially when the game is going good.

Golfer Wearing Tradiotional Golf Shoes

Golf professionals and champions are very serious and selective about the type of shoes wear they, and it is equally important to choose the right pair as well, regardless of whether you are just starting out or have been playing for a couple of months. In light of this, mentioned below are some really interesting tips for choosing the right pair of the most comfortable golf shoes:

Types Of Golf Shoes & Styles

When it comes to selecting a pair of professional golf shoes, you have a basic knowledge of three types of styles they are designed in, which are athletic, spikeless and traditional. Traditional shoes for golf are made using genuine leather, which enhances the durability of the shoes and provides it with a hard exterior.

However, these types of shoes cannot provide you with the type of flexibility you require. Not to mention the fact these shoes don’t have breathability factor as well. Athletic golf shoes on the other hand, are designed to be lightweight, durable and increasingly flexible and they come in spike and without spikes. A majority of professional golf players wear athletic shoes.

Shoe Fitting

Irrespective of how cool or athletic your golf shoes are, if they don’t fit properly, they are not going to be of any help whatsoever. Your new shoes spiked or spikeless should always provide with a comfortable space to wiggle and move your toes at the same time, they should perfectly and securely fit.

Trying Golf Shoes

Plus, it is also important to understand that your golf shoes must always be a bit tighter than the traditional athletic shoes you are normally used to wearing. That is primarily because you are going to need all the foot support you can get when swinging the club.

If the shoes you are wearing are loose and you don’t feel fully comfortable walking in them, you will be compromising your stability and balance when taking a swing. Furthermore, it is also strongly recommended that you get your feet adequately measured to determine a perfect shoe size.

Tip: Try and get your feet measured after a round of golf as your feet might get a bit swollen at the end of the day. Moreover, there are many golfers that prefer to wear thick and comfortably socks for a little tighter yet relaxed fit – giving them the stability and feet movement the need to perform at the top of their game – and so should you.

Wearing Comfortable Golf Shoes

Moreover, always test the fitting of the shoes by standing on one foot with wearing the shoe, move your toes, try to stand on your toes, if you have to see whether or not the shoe bends precisely where your foot does.

Lastly, ensure that the size you are wearing is tighter on the middle part of the foot. Why? Well that is primarily because the mid portion of your feet provide the greatest support when you swing.

Price Factor

Depending on the brand and the design of the pair of golf shoes you select, they price range can vary from affordable to expensive. However, if you play a lot of golf, then that means your shoes will be subject to a lot of wear and tear.

Holding Dollars in Hand

If this is indeed the case, you should probably aim for a more durable and flexible pair of golf shoes – which can cost a bit. However, it is also a truism that an expensive brand or pair of black golf shoes or white golf shoes doesn’t necessarily have to mean they are right for you.

A lot of professional golfers wear affordable, yet high performing golf shoes. Furthermore, you can always keep an eye out for a sale on these shoes or look for discounted prices over the web. Plenty of stores and brands have a summer or winter discount sale happening.

Ensure The Shoes Your Buy Are Designed To Be Waterproof

As the weather changes from hot to cold, you can expect a lot of dew and water on the golf course, which can be a problem if your shoes aren’t designed to be waterproof. Although waterproof men’s and women’s golf shoes are a tad bit expensive, they can provide an excellent level of comfort and flexibility in particularly wet conditions, giving you the balance and the stance you need to make excellent shots.

Playing Golf on Rain

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than to walk around the golf course with wet and slugging feet, and once your socks also get wet; your feet will begin to feel heavy, making it difficult for you to play.

All major golfers and champions wear waterproof shoes for golf and so should you.

Deciding On Buying Spiked Or Non-Spiked Shoes

This primarily depends on the type of conditions you play in. For example, shoes designed with soft spikes can help provide a powerful grip, especially if you’re playing on a hilly course, which requires a bit of climbing. However, a lot of people say that spikeless shoes can provide with more comfort – mainly because they lightweight, durable and have flexible soles.

Spikes on Golf Shoes

And thanks to several advancements in technology when it comes to sole manufacturing, experts state that spikeless golf shoes can provide players with the same amount of grip and traction spiked shoes provide.

The Benefits Of Wearing High Top Golf Shoes

Now that you know how to choose the correct pair of golf shoes, you should also understand why they are absolutely necessary to improve your performance:

They Help Maintain Optimum Balance

It is important to understand you will only be able to effectively perform a powerful and efficient golf if you’re absolute standing still. This is essentially why golf shoes are so important. Unlike traditional sports shoes, shoes designed especially for golfers provide then with a broader base, giving you enhanced foot balance.

Obama Playing Golf

This is essentially why golf shoes are designed to have bigger soles that a majority of other types of athletic shoes. Shoes for running or playing tennis in do not have a broad base, primarily because both types of sports require quick foot movement, agility and increased motion.

So, because golf doesn’t require a lot of running around or moving your feet too excessively, they have a larger base so that you can comfortably stand still and play a shot.

Enhanced Stability And Focus

Try swinging a golf club while wearing no shoes, yeah in your bare feet. Once you take a swing you will notice just how much your feet move when you’re taking a swing. The only thing that can inhibit foot movement is a good pair of some of the best spikeless golf shoes. Why? Well, they are designed to provide you with feet stability and motion control. The more flexibility and stability you have, the more you will be able to focus on effectively swinging your golf club.

Woman Wearing Golf Shoes

A majority of quality footwear for golfers come with in-built feet stabilizers, fixed in place in the position where you foot arches, keeping both your feet to independently move to the right or to the left once you take a shot. This type of increased support in the middle portion of your feet is considerably important when swinging the club.

Plus, this is also important as a majority of golfers end their golf swing at the heels of their feet. Spiked golf shoes can help keep your feet jammed in the ground before taking a shot, which is of great use, especially when you are playing in wet and slippery conditions.

Heightened Flexibility

A majority of golfers on an average play on hilly areas that have an irregular topography, which basically means they have to make shot from very uneven and awkward angles and slopes. With an irregular angle, your feet will naturally tend to move to support you from either falling your slipping, which can cause a bad shot that is if you aren't wearing good golf shoes.

PUMA Mens Biofusion Lite Golf Shoe Black/White Model

The best of golf shoes for walking are designed for superior foot support and flexibility. Shoes made for different sports such as basketball, baseball and soccer are particularly made to keep a player ankle and the foot fixed in place. Golf shoes on the other hand provide a hint of elasticity.


If you are in the habit of playing an 18-hole game, then you have to walk for about 4 to 6 miles on the course, which can be a little difficult if you don’t have the shoes for comfortable walking. Golf shoes aren't just designed for performance and endurance, they are manufactured to provide players with an increasing level of comfort they require to walk around with relaxed feet.

Golfer Wearing Traditional Golf Shoes

If you’re looking for particularly comfortably shoes, it is strongly recommended that you opt for purchase a pair that is lined with soft paddings inside the sole.

When Should Players Refrain From Using Golf Shoes

An interesting question, given that there are so many compelling benefits and reasons you should get a pair right now. However, it is important to realize that golf shoes are meant to be used by everyone.

Wearing Agility Golf Shoes

For example, the shoes can be uncomfortable for people who are suffering with arthritis, joint pain or muscle/joint injury. This is where tennis shoes come in handy. That is because tennis shoes provide for greater feet-agility and won’t restrict joint movement.

Type Of Materials Used For Golf Shoe Manufacturing

Depending on the quality grade of the shoes and their price, golf shoes are available in a number of different materials such as:

  • Synthetic and natural leather
  • Gore-Tex (a thick, waterproof and sturdy material used by golfer playing in cold weather)
Natural Leather Golf Shoes
  • Spikes
  • Polyester

It is important to make a selection based on the number of times you play and the conditions you play in.

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