Playing Golf Games Online

All The Types Of Golf Games You Can Play Online

Playing golf physically can be a really awesome experience; however, fans of the game seldom have the opportunities or the time to really head to a golf course and play a few rounds of the game. But there is absolutely no need to worry as you can still play a lot of golf games online.

Playing online games is all about mental simulation and to pass the time having fun. Playing online golf can provide you with the best of both worlds. Not to mention the fact that there are several golf card games that you can indulge in as well.

Six Card Golf

The game can be played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Every player is dealt 6 cards, which are distributed face down. Next, the top card is placed face-up in order to start a card-discard pile right next to it. The cards dealt have to be arranged in 2 rows, 3 cards each. Then you have to turn 2 cards face up. The rest of the cards have to remain face down and you are not permitted to look at them.

Six Cards on Table

The whole point of the game is to score the lowest possible value on the cards. You can either swap the cards from the deck or take one from the discard pile. You can swap cards that have lesser values or can even pair them with different cards that have equal rank.

The golf card game is initiated by the player sitting at the left of the dealer and each player has to take turns drawing cards from the deck or the discard pile. If the card you swap for another card, which faced-down, the card you swap against will be placed faced-up. Every round ends with each player’s card faced-up. The winner of the game is the one who is the lowest score.


  • 2 counts as a (minus 2)
  • Ace scores a single point
  • 3 to 10 each have face value scores
  • Jacks and Queen scores 10 points
  • Kings have zero points

Four Card Golf Game

The game can be played with 2 to 8 players and in case there are more players, you can shuffle two cards decks together. Each player is dealt 4 cards, the cards are dealt clockwise, but that changes after each deal. The cards dealt are placed face-down and players need to make a 2x2 card grid.

Four Card Golf Online Game

However, it is permissible for the players to the look at the bottom cards before they place them on table again. When all the cards are placed face-down, the game begins and no players is allowed to look at his cards. One card can be placed up and swapped from either the deck or discard pile.

The whole point of the game is to make a combination of a total of four cards, scoring the lowest possible points.


  • Each ace is worth a single point
  • Cards 2 to 10 have their own face value
  • Each queen is worth 10 points
  • Jacks have zero points, which also make it the best card to have

If you’ve made an adjacent row of cards either in the same column or the same row, and the cards are of equal value, for example, if you have two kings, it is important to understand that these cards cancel one another and are worth 0 points. The total points of each player are recorded at the end of each deal.

Traditionally, a game of 4 card golf comprises of a minimum 9 hands or a maximum of 18 hands. The player with the lowest score wins.

Four Card Golf Players Notes

The dealer starts with the player sitting on his left. The card is he picks from the top can either be discarded or swapped with the four he has, but he can’t see the card he is swapping the one from the stockpile and he must place the card he swap face-down in the discard pile.

Each round rotates clockwise and all players are permitted to swap their cards as much as they like. When a player calculates that he may very well have the lowest score in the bunch, he will knock on the table.

Online Virtual Golf Games

You can also play golf games online using either your laptop or your smartphone. There are hundreds of golf applications that you can install. Furthermore, there are dedicated, free golf game websites that you can explore and play a variety of different types of games from the comfort of your home or from work.

The instructions and how-to-play guidelines are explicitly explained so that you can quickly grasp the concept and golf away.

Playing Online Golf Game

You can even play mini golf games on your laptop on which you just have move the mouse-pointer around, calculate the strength of the shot, the angles and the speed of the ball, making a hole-in-one. These are pretty fun and easy to play. Some of the games you must not miss out on include:

Indoor Golf Games

Indoor golf is a general term to describe all types of golf games that are designed to be played indoors. You can play indoor golf games in different venues, which include putting green, driving ranges, etc. You can either visit these locations to play some indoor golf or (if you can afford it) buy and set-up your indoor golfing area.

Playing Golf in Living Room

Although golf simulators are quite expensive, they are incredibly accurate and fun. The games can measure your strength, your hand movement and you swing angles. The information gathered by the simulator is projected on the screen.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it, all the fun golf card games you can play with your friends and family.

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