18 Pack Golf Balls

Wilson Titanium Ball

Golf ball technology has certainly improved throughout the years. With so many brands in the market, you might face difficulty in finding the best the golf ball for your game. With so many options, it is best you take special care before committing to a single type of ball.

If you are a beginner, it is essential you look for a product that performs well but is in your budget. The Wilson Titanium is among the most inexpensive golf balls in the market. These balls are constructed using long lasting Surlyn covers that provide unmatchable durability. Most customers claim the ball performs as well as the expensive products in the market.


Some notable features of the Wilson Titanium Ball include:

  • Pack of 18-Golf balls: The box contains a pack of 18 titanium golf balls that are sure to last you the entire golf season without a worry.
18 Balls
  • 2-piece Construction: The Wilson Titanium Ball features 2-piece construction with a titanium core. This offers the golfer good distance coverage along with an average spin.
Titanium Ball For All Players
  • High Quality Material: The titanium golf ball is constructed using long lasting Surlyn covers that give it a durable touch.
  • Suitable for Everybody: Apart from beginners, the Wilson Titanium Ball is a great golf ball that is suitable for all kinds of players including beginners and experts.


Here are some notable pros of the Wilson Titanium Ball:

  • Reasonably Priced: As mentioned above, the Wilson Titanium Ball is perhaps the most inexpensive golf ball in the market that performs as well as the expensive ones.
  • Great Distance: The titanium ball is designed to provide the user maximum amount of distance possible. Golfers can now master those long distant shots without a worry.
Titanium Balls 18 Piece Package

Our Rating

  • Improves Performance: The titanium glues the core materials of the ball into a cohesive unit, helping you improve your performance at the course. The Wilson Titanium Ball is bound to travel straight and at an increased distance.
  • Greater Control: The titanium golf ball with its high-quality cover gives the golfer extra control over the ball. Additionally, the side-spin reduction and low compression features benefit lower swing, making the golf ball ideal for average golfers.


Some notable cons of the Wilson Titanium Ball include:

  • Little Green Side Control: One prominent concern of the Wilson Titanium Ball is that it provides the user little or no greenside control that significantly affects performance.
  • Less Responsive: While the Wilson Titanium Ball is regarded as one of the best golf balls because of its low price, it is significantly less responsive compared to other golf balls in the market.
Playing With Wilson Titanium Ball


If sticking to your budget is the main goal, the Wilson Titanium Ball is your perfect choice. While the golf ball can be used by practically anybody, it is exceptionally useful for beginners and first timers who want to get loads of practice without spending a fortune.

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