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The 5 Most Insane Golf Trick Shots of All Time

Golf trick shots are all over the internet. If you are a serious golfer, you better have some good tricks up your sleeve. Trick shots require superior hand-eye coordination and lots of practice. So, what are you waiting for? It is time you take out your golf clubs and start practicing.

A Complete Guide to Golf

Driver, chip, handicap, putter and so on. These things can be a rather confusing to the beginners who are not familiar with golf terminology. So we have prepared a thorough guide through the world of golf.

Top 7 Golf Courses Around The World

Do you have a passion for golfing? Some of the best golf courses in the world feature distant islands, mystic cliff views and mesmerizing mountains. Step out of your neighborhood and check out these amazing golf courses around the world you will want to visit.

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